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  • The 3M™ Versaflo™ TRM-106C Integrated Powered Air respirator system includes Headtop, air filter unit, P3 Filter, standard belt, pre-filter, breathing tube, battery pack, battery charger, tote bin and user instructions
  • Ready-to-go Respirator Kit with Versaflo™ TR-315A+ in combination with Versaflo™ M-300 (CAPM-306) Caplamp Faceshield
  • The Versaflo™ Powered Air turbo is a lighweight respiratory protection system that is suitable for environments with hazardous particles and some nuisance level gases and vapours
  • The Versaflo™ M-300 (CAPM-306) Caplamp Faceshield is a lightweight faceshield w/Comfort Faceseal that provides respiratory, eye and face protection when suitably connected to an AS/NZS1716 compliant air supply system
  • Provides integrated protection from specific respiratory, eye and face hazards with optional hearing protection
  • Excellent airflow distribution for improved comfort, lower noise and reduced fogging
  • Suitable applications are: grinding, polishing, spraying, powder coating and chemical processing
  • Refeshing flow of filtered air delivered to the wearer, reducing the additional breathing effort especially important during periods of strenuous work
  • A deflector allows users to direct the airflow inside the headtop for increased control and comfort
  • Balanced, lightweight headtop with fully adjustable head suspension for optimal fit and weight distribution
  • Comes with stackable Tote bin for PAPR storage
  • 3M™ Versaflo™ PAPR Helmet (Comfort Faceseal) c/w Charger > AT019433567 // R-Versaflo™ PAPR Helmet (Comfort Faceseal) c/w Charger

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MPN AT019433567