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  • W1008193 WeldSkill 185 LCD Inverter Plant 240V 10A
  • 454305 WeldSkill Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 9-13 Blue
  • 646755 Heavy Duty Welding Gloves – Large
  • WSPLIER MIG Pliers, Tweco WeldSkill – Yellow Handle, 8-Functions
  • WS5008 WeldSkill Solid Wire 0.8mm 5.0kg = 1 Handispool
  • WG4508 Weldskill Gasless 0.8mm 4.5kg E71T-11
  • The WeldSkill 185LCD is a complete 3in1 offer that includes all the accessories required to get you MIG, STICK and TIG welding immediately. Like its predecessor, the WeldSkill 185LCD offers the many benefits of a professional welding machine in a compact, portable, easy to use and affordable self-contained single phase welding inverter – but now with the added feature of a digital 2.8” LCD Digital Display. Ideal for welders who want to do light fabrication, maintenance and repairs around their workshop without compromising on quality or safety.


    • 1 x WeldSkill 185LCD Inverter Plant W1008193
    • 1 x WeldSkill 185LCD Power Source
    • 1 x MIG Torch with Euro Connection: 3m
    • 1 x TIG Torch 17V 4m Lead
    • 1 x Twistlock Electrode Holder with 3m Lead
    • 1 x CutSkill Argon Regulator/Flowmeter
    • 1 x Work Clamp with 3m Lead
    • 1 x Shielding Gas Hose Assembly: 3m
    • 1 x Feed Rolls: 0.8/0.9mm Flux Cored (Fitted), 0.8/0.9mm V Groove
    • 1 x Contact Tip: 0.8mm (Fitted)


    • Plug and play, suitable for use with any standard 10Amp power point.
    • 2.8″ Full colour LCD display screen with easy navigation of all functions.
    • Adjustable backburn control: Adjust the amount of MIG wire that protrudes from the MIG torch after the completion of MIG welding.
    • Arc Control (Inductance): The arc control operates in MIG (GMAW/FCAW) mode only and is used to adjust the intensity of the welding arc
    • Spot Weld (MIG Mode): Spot Welding allows the user to pre-set the duration time of their welds up to 10 seconds (MIG mode only)
    • Downslope (TIG Mode): Down Slope allows the user to pre-set the time for the weld current to ramp down (TIG mode only)
    • Hot start improves the arc start characteristics of stick electrodes
    • Anti stick helps to prevent the stick electrode for sticking to the work surface


    • Welder Type: MIG, Stick, Lift TIG (Inverter Power Source)
    • Number Of Phases: Single Phase
    • Nominal Supply Voltage: 240V +/-15%
    • Nominal Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Nominal DC Open Circuit Voltage (MIG Weld Mode): 69V (trigger switch depressed when not welding)
    • Factory Fitted Supply Plug Rating: 10Amps
    • Open Circuit Voltage (VRD On) Stick Weld Mode: <35V
    • Effective Input Current (l1eff): 10Amps
    • Maximum Input Current (l1max): 33Amps
    • Minimum Single Phase Generator: 10kVA At 0.8PF
    • Protection Class: IP21S
    • MIG (GMAW) Welding Output (40ºC, 10min): 185A at 10%, 23.3V 
    • STICK (MMAW) Welding Output (40ºC, 10min): 160A at 10%, 26.4V 
    • TIG (GTAW) Welding Output (40ºC, 10min): 160A at 20%, 16.4V 
    • Standards:
      • AS 60974.1-2020
      • IEC 60974-1
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 371mm x 205mm x 478mm
    • Weight: 13.9kg

    Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty Covered By Cigweld Australia

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Weight 13.9 kg



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