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The MILWAUKEE 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector is the first Non-Contact Voltage Detector with the ability to light up, detect, and differentiate automatically. The expanded sensitivity range of 10-49V offers the ability to detect voltage in common systems that would normally go undetected when using a standard voltage detector. These systems include: LED Lighting, Fire Detection & Suppression Systems, HVAC Controls, and Security & Access Controls, along with many others. The 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector not only detects, but also differentiates 10-49V from the standard voltage range of 50-1000V. It does so by using a uniquely colored LED indicators and audible tones, delivering the clearest indication of these two voltage ranges. A built-in LED work light allows for increased visibility in low-lit areas, and automatic shut-off after 5 minutes helps preserve battery life. The 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector is a best-in-class voltage detection solution for any Electrician, HVAC Technician, or Facilities Maintenance Technician.


  • Automatically differentiates 10-49V and 50-1000V.
  • Different colours identify voltage range.
  • Built-in LED work light.
  • Auto-off.
  • Pocket clip.
  • Blade-tip for checking outlets.
  • Constant power on LED indicator.

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MPN 2203-20