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Based on extensive input from welders working at high amperages who need to grind frequently, the 3M Speedglas Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet G5-01 is created to be adaptable to an individual’s needs and situation. The Speedglas Auto-Darkening Welding Lens G5-01VC offers Speedglas TrueView Technology in the light state with your choice of colour tone in the dark state. Control how you view your weld.


  • Provide better control of your weld puddle – with a view that appears lighter, brighter, and more realistic.
  • Help you focus on your welding set-up, welding technique and inspection of just-completed welds
  • Give you a clearer view of coloured welding machine controls – even with your helmet in the safe, down position.
  • You determine which colour tone provides the best viewing contrast for your welds, and the most comfort for your eyes.
  • A new, optional helmet-mounted task light provides hours of powerful lighting and runs off the Adflo battery pack, enabling welders to enter and work in poorly lit spaces.
    • Task light specifically designed for welding
    • Light weight – powered by the Adflo battery
    • Positioned to cast a wide light on the workpiece
    • Designed for even light distribution at normal welding distance
    • Configurable light intensity
  • Heavy-duty powered air respiratory protection
    • The Award winning Adflo PAPR
    • At least 50 times cleaner air
    • Protect against particles
    • Protect against gases
    • 1/1/1 optical classification
    • Rapid 1 hour charge (0-80%)
    • 170-200 litres per minute
    • Heavy duty 12 hour battery
    • New Quick-Change face seal
  • A slim design offers increased coverage
  • Built for heavy-duty welding environments, the G5-01 provides a number of configurable coverage options, so the welder can customise the helmet to their individual needs and preferences.
  • Flip-up the lens to reveal a huge 170 x 104mm clear visor giving you perfect vision without the need to remove your eye and face protection or break the positive pressure respiratory seal.


  • Viewing area (Welding lens): 73 X 109 mm
  • Viewing area (grinding visor): 170 X 104 mm
  • 3M Speedglas True-View Technology: Yes
  • 3M Speedglas Variable Colour Technology: Yes
  • Bluetooth enabled: Yes
  • Battery lifetime: 1500 hours
  • Classification: 1/1/1
  • Dark state: Shade 8-14 with Variable Colour
  • Cut mode: Yes shade 5
  • Light state: Shade 3 with True-View Technology
  • UV/IR Protection: Shade 14 (permanent)
  • Auto ON: Yes
  • Switching time, light -dark: 0.1 ms (+23° C)
  • Memory mode: Yes, via mobile device app
  • Delay (switching time, dark-light): 50 – 1300 ms
  • Two step recovery: Yes (shade 7)
  • Number of sensors (arc detection): 4
  • Eye Protection: AS/NZS1338.1
  • Face Protection: AS/NZS1337 (high impact)
  • Powered Air Respiratory Protection: AS/NZS1716 / RMPF1 50
  • Supplied Air Respiratory Protection: AS/NZS1716 / RMPF1 100+

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